Learning Technologies Grants Program

Total Amount Funded = $900,000

Project Director / Title

Atwood (Chemistry)

Expansion and Improvement of Computerized Testing in Chemistry, Mathematics, and the College of Veterinary Medicine

61,255.00 60,700.00

Ball (School of Music)

The Music Technology Education Center, MuTEC

100,000.00 98,500.00

Bryan and McLaughlin (Science Education/Elementary Education)

The Development of Interactive Multimedia Cases for Teacher Education

43,342.00 43,000.00

Caudle (Large Animal Medicine)

Using the Internet to Link Veterinary Students at UGA with Practicing Veterinarians

10,131.27 10,000.00

Cornell, et al. (Small Animal Medicine)

Gastrointestinal Surgery: An Interactive Program for Veterinary Students

14,524.00 14,500.00

Dattilo (Recreation and Leisure Studies)

Technology-Infused Course: RST 3850 Recreation for Special Populations

38,580.00 38,000.00

Goodie, et al. (Psychology)

A Pilot Program on Intra-Campus, Large-Class Distance Learning About Animals in Research: Making the Best Use of Limited-Access Research Facilities

75,100.00 74,000.00

Hazinski (Journalism/Telecommunications)

Remote Digital Newsgathering & Editing

85,562.00 85,000.00

Keith (Cellular Biology)

Student Microscopic Publishing Facility

42,854.00 42,400.00

Kurtz (Microbiology)

Converting Introductory Microbiology to a Web-based Course

7,969.50 7,900.00

Lewis (Physiology and Pharmacology)

Three-Dimensional Animations of Signal Transduction

30,303.00 30,000.00

Rieber, et al. (Instructional Technology)

Multi-User, Multifunctional Digital Editing Classroom and Editing Facility

47,897.00 47,000.00

Sapp (Art)

Freeform: Haptic Computer Interface for Sculptors

99,995.00 98,500.00

Stratton et al. (Academic Assistance)

Web-Based Interdisciplinary Math Modules

34,135.00 34,000.00

Terry (Clinical and Administrative Sciences)

Implementation of Synchronous/Asynchronous, Computer-based Interactive Graduate Course Delivery to Two Campuses via Fiberoptic, Multi-Media Computer Technology

43,048.20 43,000.00

Thai and Upchurch (Biological and Ag Engineering)

Student Web Access to Engineering Laboratories (Phase 1)

61,850.00 61,000.00

Turner (Agricultural and Applied Economics)

Interactive Classrooms and Connected Students

14,900.00 14,600.00

Upchurch, et al. (Biological and Ag Engineering)

Integration of Computer Data Acquisition and Control into the Engineering Curriculum

57,400.00 57,000.00

Van Wicklen and Thompson (Biological and Ag Engineering)

Improving Engineering Design of Structures Using Appropriate Software

6,454.00 6,400.00

Wenzel (Cellular Biology)

Development of a Digital Image Archive for Human Anatomy and Physiology

22,525.89 22,000.00

Whiffen (School of Forest Resources)

Breaking Down Barriers to Applications of Spatial Data and Computers in the Forest Resources Undergraduate Experience

12,650.00 12,500.00

Total Amount Funded