Learning Technologies Grants Program

Total Amount Awarded = $493,678.00

 Project Director / Title  Amount


Charles Atwood and Joel A. Caughran (Chemistry)

Further Enhancements to the Chemistry Department's Computerized Testing Center

 $33,248.00  $33,248.00

Celeste Condit (Speech Communication)

Using Presentation Software in Business and Professional Communication

$24,993.00 $24,993.00 

Karen Cornell, et al. (Small Animal Medicine)

Wound Healing and Tissue Reconstruction: An Interactive Program for Veterinary Students

 $9,882.00  $9,882.00

Janet Fick, Katherine Kipp, and Dorothy Fragaszy (Psychology)

Computer-Videotape Behavioral Coding Lab Station

$4,545.00  $4,545.00

Karen C. Hobdy-Henderson (Clinical and Administrative Sciences)

Computer Based Medical Diagnosis/Patient Disease State Evaluation Training Program

$56,950.00  $49,428.41

Gilbert Jacobs (Small Animal Medicine)

Using Multimedia to Teach Cardiac Anatomy and Function

$39,000.00 $39,000.00 

Marguerite Koepke (Environmental Design)

Design and Computing: Capturing Digital Images in a New Multi-Media Computer Laboratory

$24,800.00  $24,800.00

Linda D. Labbo and Steve Stahl (Reading Education)

Digital Hands-on Practice in Administering, Analyzing, and Applying K-5 Reading Diagnostic Instruments: Interactive DVD Case Studies

$39,460.00  $39,460.00

Erick J. Lauber (Psychology)

Enhancing the Large-Classroom Experience: The "Elementary Psychology" Pilot Program

$63,763.00 $29,363.00 

Nancy I. Lyons (Statistics)

Testing Software Enhancement and Undergraduate Video Lab Equipment

$61,215.00 $61,215.00 

Clint McCrory (Mathematics)

Geometry for Secondary School Teachers: Computer Experiments and Proofs

$10,907.00  $10,907.00

Patricia Metz (Chemistry)

Development of a Computer-Interfaced, Data-Acquisition Laboratory Program for General Chemistry

$33,600.00 $33,600.00 

David Payne (English)

Extending the UGA Writing Center's Outreach and Accessibility

$15,964.00 $15,964.00

Simon R. Platt (Small Animal Medicine)

Establishment of an Interactive Veterinary Neurology Teaching Model

$10,450.00 $10,450.00

Joe Sanders (Art)

Combining Hand Printing and Digital Imaging: A Digital Printmaking Laboratory

$37,258.00 $37,258.00

Cheryl Stratton and Pam Thomas (Academic Assistance)

Web-Based Interdisciplinary Math Modules

$37,518.00 $37,518.00

Catherine Teare Ketter (Division of Biological Sciences)

The Biology Digital Image Archive: A Curriculum Tool for Students, Staff, and Faculty Associated with 1000 Level Biology Courses

$11,086.90 $11,086.90

Francis Van Keuren (Art)

Creation of a Resource Center for the Development of Image-Based Instructional Web Sites

$20,959.69 $20,959.69

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(Posted 11/29/99)