Learning Technologies Grants Program

The Instructional Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) reviewed 42 Learning Technology Grants (LTG) proposals requesting support totaling $1,875,000. Funds available for LTGs in FY 99 totaled $481,248. The 12 projects awarded funding are listed below.

 Project Director / Title  Amount Awarded

Charles H. Atwood, Patricia A. Metz, Joel A. Caughran, Robert A. Scott (Chemistry)

Continued Development of the Chemistry Department's Computerized Testing Center


Dennis Aron (Small Animal Medicine)
Lisa Neuwirth (Large Animal Medicine)
Thel Melton (Educational Resources Center)

A Method to Facilitate Interpretation of Radiographs by Veterinary Students


Diane K. Hartle, James L. Hargrove, O. Rebecca Bunce,
Henry Cobb (Pharmaceutical & Biomed Sciences)

Model-Based Teaching and Active Learning in Biomedical Sciences


David Koffman (Digital Media) and Larry Millard (Sculpture) - Art

Digital Sculpture: Physical 3D Concept Modeling for Art Students


Nelson Hilton (English)

Infrastructure Reinforcement


Marguerite Koepke (Environmental Design)

Design and Computing: Multimedia Digital Imaging Laboratory


Lloyd Rieber (Instructional Techology)

Multifunctional Computer/Technology Classroom


J. Scott Shaw, Peter H. Hauschildt (Physics and Astronomy)
and Kenneth E. Hay (Learning and Performance Support Laboratory)

The Virtual Solar System Project: Students Building Virtual Models for Scientific Understanding Across the Network


Linda F. Campbell and John C. Dagley (Counseling & Human Dev Serv)

The Center for Counseling and Personal Evaluation


Takoi K. Hamrita (Bio & Ag Engineering)

The Microcontroller as an Engineering Design Tool: A Hands-on Laboratory


Glenn Kaufman (Art)

Conversion of the Textile Study Collection to a Digital Format Resource


K. Roscoe Davis (Management); Dale L. Goodhue (Management); Gary Peters (School of Accounting)

SAP R/3 University Alliance Program


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(Posted 5/19/99)